How many times a week should you send Marketing emails?

how many emails per week

We live in a “media-saturated” world where we are exposed to an abundance of content daily. This means we need to re-look at our content strategy to make sure we are efficient with what we send and how often. So, how many times a week should you send Marketing emails?

If you blast to many emails to your customers, whether they are promotional or educational, will cause your subscriber list to shrink at a rapid rate. More than 70% of people unsubscribe due to an overload of emails

So how do we improve the click through rate and stop customers from unsubscribing?

Click through rate for email Marketing can be as low as 1.9% in certain industries, this tells us we are not clinical in our approach

What Marketers Do

(Research from actual Direct Marketing Association’s National Client Email Report)

35% of Marketers send 2-3 emails a month.

9% of Marketers send 6-8 emails a month

19% send only one email a month.

What the customers are saying

(MarketingSherpa survey)

61% prefer receiving a promotional email at least once a month.

15%  say they are fine to get a promotional email every day.

91% of people have no issues with promotional emails

Stats show that one mailer per week seems to be the right approach. However, many factors will decide what’s right for your business

Factors that you need to consider

Type of product or service

A stockbroker would need to send out emails often to keep their clients up to date with trends and market situations. While a company selling a swimming suit range would send out more emails in the summer than in winter


Find out how many mailers your competitors are sending out compared to your business. Carry out a general survey (10 will suffice) with your existing clients and see how many they would want to receive?

Emails purpose

You know your goal; it may be to increase leads whereby the aim of the mail is for people to fill out a form. Alternatively, you may have a promo where you are trying to get customers to buy. The highest click through rate is from the first mail, so make it count

Tips on how to find your [mail frequency limit]

  • Let your customers choose how many emails they wish to receive. Start a poll or include in your sign-up forms
  • If you are experiencing a constant unsubscribed from your customers, you need to reduce the number of emails you send
  • Look at how your customers are engaging with your current emails. Are they interacting with emails the way you would like them? If you have little engagement, try to reduce the emails and concentrate on the quality aspect
  • Information that is not relevant to you customer base will cause a high unsubscribe rate. To prevent this from happening, try segment your mailer list into categories to only send content that is relevant.

Great Tool for you email campaigns

Companies rely on Marketing automation tools to improve their email campaigns. I suggest trying one of the GetResponse plans to get the most out of your campaigns. The metrics you receive from this system will help you decide your mail frequency

In Summary

There is no set rule to how many Marketing emails you send out. However, you can be more clinical in your approach by adopting some of the tactics and looking at the different factors in this post



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