Save time using content tools

content tools
save time using content tools

You can save time using content tools to create important stories and distribute them across the web. Creating content can be a daunting process, especially when you need to develop so many snippets in different formats. We share all sorts of content, ranging from articles to videos and infographics. This is a time-consuming ordeal which can prevent you from focusing on running your business. Many business owners, bloggers and digital marketers continuously try to promote their companies products or articles and fail because of the efforts needed to break through the clutter on the internet

You will have the edge over other business owners and competitors by using tools to create your content on the web. Using the right software and tools will give you the ability to create, enhance and distribute efficiently

See what’s trending and add your opinion

Browse the internet to see what’s trending on your favourite news channels, social media and other platforms. Alltop is a tool that can assist, as it collects information from the top news and blog websites providing the most trending items. Choosing a topic that is old news or irrelevant will not achieve your goals

Attract readers attention with great headlines

Draw attention with a mind blowing headline, creating a good headline will invoke the right emotions and get users to choose your story over others. Your content will never be read if you are not talking to your target audience

Grade your headlines with CoSchedule; it’s a website that enables you to check your heading which will be scored using a point system. It will tell you if you are using too many words or if certain words should be included

Infographics and images is essential

Most people do not have time to read everything they see on the internet and often read headlines or take what they need from attractive subheadings, images or infographics. This gives them a quick insight what they are reading to see if its exactly what they are searching

Using Adobe products can be time-consuming as like some of the other professional tools out there, you will need to learn the software and have a creative flare to produce good visuals. Piktochart is a useful tool for you to create visual content that looks professional quickly. They have a free trial and excellent support.

Another useful tool which I use on a regular basis is Canva; there is a free and premium version available. Canva allows you to drop and drag from a library of icons, heading, backgrounds, text styles and much more. Create your first graphic to download and use on any platform or document. This tool will save you so much time it’s scary. It has an easy to use dashboard which categorises what you need, chose presentations, posters, blog graphics, cards, A4’s, Facebook posts and more.

Make sure your content is readable?

It is important that your content is clean and free of grammatical errors, readers who have English as second languages will appreciate easy to read and clean articles. Your material should be grammatically correct without punctuation and vocabulary errors. Grammarly is an essential tool for anyone writing content, this grammar checker tool corrects punctuation, grammar and even checks for plagiarism. Grammarly is a simple tool to use and will save you hours of proofreading time

Outsource your writing

The sad truth behind most of the blogs is that they are written by professional writers who are paid to do that. The people who work in digital marketing usually cooperate with content writers, providing the ideas for the text and letting the writers do all the word crafting. Usually, content writers understand SEO and conceptualise the articles in such a manner to be visible in the search engines which will automatically promote your blog or website.

One of the popular websites which is in the business of writing is Royal-Essays. Royal Essays is not really a tool but a group of professional writers who are ready to professionally write any type of writing. In other words, you can hire them not only for articles and blogs but for website content, essays, eBooks, etc. Once you have writers producing high-quality content, you will have the basis for creating viral content because, do not forget – the written word is the oldest way of promotion and words are the easiest to spread.

Promote your content after you have created it

The last part of this article is micro-science on its own because it does not have a lot to do with content creation yet it is crucial for its virality. There are numerous ways in which you can promote your content and contribute to making it viral. You can focus only on promotion on social media or you can view the bigger picture and include other kinds of ads for your content.

However, when you create content for the purpose of promoting something, you will have to think a lot how you are going to invest, especially if you have several articles. There is a website called Momentum which basically predicts which one of your articles and what kind of content from your blog or website is likely to get shared on social media. In other words, there is an algorithm which takes in a lot of parameters that are important and analyzes your texts as well as how previous ones were shared. Furthermore, this website enables you to manage paid promotions on social media through it.

Another interesting website that proved to be useful when it comes to promoting content is Buffer. This tool basically lets you control all the things that you have on your social media accounts. This is convenient when you have to share one thing on different media or when you have to share a lot of different things on one medium but you do not have the time.

Yet another tool that can help you with promoting your content is called Outbrain. Essentially, it helps people who want to promote their content find the right website or blog onto which they can post their article. Those websites or blogs are usually very popular and have a lot of traffic and having your article on one of them can be a significant boost for your content virality.

To sum up, creating viral content includes many other things apart from the creation itself. We live in the day and age where, in order to make something viral and popular, we need to take several different approaches to it and see whether it fulfills all the conditions to be viral. The first condition would, of course, be good quality of content. The second condition requires your content to be suitable for the internet and for the audience while the third condition is to have a good promotion. In order to achieve all of that you need to use key tools that will help you with getting your content viral. Therefore, check all the suggestions that are mentioned above and some of them might just be the key element that you needed in order to achieve success in the field of content creation.



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